Sunday, August 2, 2015

Major (code) Updates!

This time, I don't really have many updates on the actual election front. Things have been fairly stagnant over the past week or more.


I've been changing quite a bit of my process and have some cool things to share:

1) Wolfram Data Drop
As stated previously, I've been using Wolfram Mathematica to process the FB Like data. I'm working to move things more and more to the cloud and make things more and more accessible. A friend of mine told me about Wolfram Data Drop (cloud-based storage, publically available, often used as an interface for the "Internet of Things" -- maybe you store your minute-by-minute pulse measurements from a FitBit or something there). So now my data is accessible here.

2) Cloud Visualizations
Another cool thing is deploying some of the things I've built to the cloud. I'm still having a little bit of trouble producing things quite the way I want, but I do have a way to present all the data up until today in an interactive format:

To view graphs like below, go here.

To view a pie chart like below, go here.

To view the actual data like below, go here.

And finally, to see the estimated total likes of each candidate from now until election day (based on a best-fit line of data collected so far), go here.

I'll be working on making these faster soon. There are a lot of calculations happening in each of these which is why they may take a while to load. Until then, I wish you happy times in exploring all the data!

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